Garland Independent School District

Garland Independent School District:

With a diverse population, Garland Independent School District serves the tri-city area of Garland, Rowlett and Sachse, northeast of Dallas, and ranks among the 75 largest districts in America. An early adopter of student case management and learner record technologies, GISD has become a leader in student empowerment. As a strategic partner to GISD, EMS continues to help the district pioneer ways to powerfully integrate and understand data in new ways to address inequities and specific pain points, such as financial aid application, college readiness and enrollment.  Collaboration with students has been key to increasing platform utilization, working with them as change agents, developing peer-influenced communications and events that truly empowered  tudents and built capacity to see and share their learner records. GISD also piloted the Enrollment Fast Pass, significantly simplifying and removing barriers in the college enrollment process. Most recently, with EMS insights, the district has been using technology and data to geo-map where there are dense populations of students who have not been successful in completing their  financial aid applications — and then identify community-based intervention points, local churches and businesses such as libraries and fire stations, where the district can more effectively leverage its resources to help these students.



  • Allowing each GISD student to leave high school with multiple options
  • Exceptional results in financial aid completion and college readiness